Summer Assignment UPDATE**

SUMMER ASSIGNMENT:  To prepare you for AP Human Geography, you are required to complete 10 hours of summer assignments, attached below, and DUE on the 1st day of class.*


CNN 10 – Global News to a Global Audience  What’s happening & where is it happening around the world?  The 1st show of the 2018-2019 school year started Monday, August 13.  Get up-to-date now!    


  1. 4 Current Event articles and reflections typed or handwritten**, ready to turn in when you arrive in class on the first day school. These current events should reflect the 7 units we will study in AP Human Geography. Check the drop down menu to see our 7 topics.Not sure where to start? Check out these websites:!  Check out this July 18, 2018 – CURRENT EVENT:
    Colombia Becomes First Country in Latin America to Commit to Deforestation-Free Chocolate
  2. We will continue with Current Events in class throughout the year.
    **For the articles you choose, use the following  format:
    Article Title (5):  Write the title at the top of your page.
    Summary(40):  Write a summary paragraph, in your own words, about the article.  It needs to be at least SIX to EIGHT SENTENCES LONG. You can’t copy verbatim from the article. Doing so will result in a grade of “0.” Only two quotes may be used in your summary.
    Significance(40): Write at least 3-4 sentences discussing why you chose the article and WHICH UNIT it is reflective upon; how it is important to human geography and the world around us.  Think about who this event impacts and how. Explain why it is significant to human geography.
    Personal Reflection(10): You will need to write (3) relevant questions/answers about the article (these are questions you would like answered or questions that you could ask students in the class.)
    Reference(5):  Cite the article and include the following: Title article; author; source (where you got it from); date retrieved or published.   You may include a url/weblink if the article is from the internet.
  3. Read Chapter 1 of the Rubenstein textbook (PDF linked below) and take detailed notes (in a NOTEBOOK that you will be using for the 2018-2019 year) using whatever style you prefer. You will also be required to view the attached PowerPoint on Ch.1, which can be used to provide additional material for the assignment. See additional assignments for the PowerPoint below.
    1. Rubenstein Chapter 1 Key Issue 1 and 2
    2. Rubenstein Chapter 1 Key Issue 3
    3. Katz PowerPoint APHUG Chapter 1

      1. Please define all 40 vocabulary terms from Katz’s powerpoint, giving an example of each and/or drawing an explanation.
      2. Take all quizzes on PowerPoint
      3. Complete Chapter 1 TEST (Multiple Choice and BOTH Free Response Questions – FRQ) on your own paper. Please self grade this test.
  4. Map Packet – World Maps – Please only complete the maps. There is ONE map missing.  Which one?  You will need to PRINT THESE OUT (including the one that is missing).   You will be expected to have all of the countries of the world learned by the end of the first month of school. You will be tested on all countries of the world during the course of 2018/2019 school year.
    1. aphugs_summer_maps
  5. Please use this powerpoint for additional information on Ch. 1.
    1. Chapter 1 PowerPoint – Rubenstein

*Any student registering in the APHuG Program at Cosby HS after this assignment has been initially given out will STILL be required to complete it and turn in before the end of the first month of school.

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